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Importance of Sexual Education in School

Sexual behavior plays an important role in modern life. Nowadays, youths speak about sex without borders. The increased level of youths pregnancy, raised level of sexually transmitted diseases and other problems are put at the first place.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Importance of Sexual Education in School specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Speaking about sexual behavior among youths, it is possible to correct it and form by means of sexual education. It is essential to deal with professionals while delivering information to youths. Moreover, sexual education is very important both for boys and girls before they have their first sexual experience. Speaking about sexual education and its affect on sexual behavior, it is essential to refer to the studies of Douglas Kirby. Having written numerous papers devoted to sexual education and its effect on youths, he managed to find something new and add to each of his research. Having developed a hypothesis that sexual behavior depends on education, Douglas Kirby managed to prove that the earlier students receive information about sexual behavior the lower the level of pregnancy among them and the less sexually transmitted diseases are noticed. Reporting about â€Å"The impact of sex education on the sexual behavior of young people†, Douglas Kirby states that sex educational programs affect adolescents’ sexual behavior greatly. The early sex education programs are started, the earlier students understand how their sexual behavior should be organized. Douglas Kirby is sure that â€Å"Sex education programmes do not increase sexual activity among adolescents and young people but they are not always effective at reducing it or in promoting safer sexual behavior† (Kirby â€Å"The impact of sex education on the sexual behavior† 10). Nevertheless, Douglas Kirby notices that if sexual education is regularly conducted with structured information delivery the rate of HIV/AIDS infections reduces. Moreover, apart from the reduction of the infected, sex education â€Å"can delay the onset of sexual activity among adolescents and young people, reduce the frequency of intercourse, reduce the frequency of unprotected sex, reduce the number of sexual partners, and increase condom use and contraceptive use† (Kirby â€Å"The impact of sex education on the sexual behavior† 10). Speaking about the level of youths’ pregnancy and the way to reduce its rate, programs are very effective in this case. Starting structured discussion with youths about the ways of protection, the future difficulties and the general unfavorable position of those who fail to protect themselves from pregnancy, it is important to stress on the possibility to have assistance at any stage of sexual relationships.Advertising Looking for research paper on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first pape r with 15% OFF Learn More Sexual education should be conducted among students and their relatives as family treatment of the program is an essential step on the way to correct sexual education. When both boys and girls are aware of the problem of youths pregnancy and the responsibility they are to experience in case of its occurrence, their behavior becomes more valued. The quarrels about the increased level of sexual activity among adolescents because of sexual education programs do not have any grounds as modern life with the Internet and free access to information has made children aware of all the themes which were forbidden for their parents at their age. Sexual education helps students understand how to protect themselves while sexual behavior (Kirby â€Å"Emerging answers† 152). It is essential to implement sexual behavior programs at school as an obligatory subject. When students are constantly remind about attention and appropriate behavior while sex, when t hey are explained the level of responsibility and the supportive difficulties they may experience in case of early pregnancy, they become more attentive. Much research has been conducted in the sphere and Kirby proves that such programs result in â€Å"less sexual risk†taking and lower pregnancy rates† along with â€Å"decrease sexual activity and increase condom or contraceptive use† (Kirby â€Å"The impact of schools and school programs† 30). Of course, if there is no opportunity to implement sexual education program on the regular basis, the shortcoming programs should be applied. Moreover, students should also understand that from their behavior depends their future. Setting sex education programs at schools, it is important to speak not only about protection and pregnancy, heath issues should be discussed along with psychological difficulties, and other issues which may be on the way of those who face the problem of early pregnancy and early sexual ac tivity at all. Students are to know that their health depends on their actions and behavior and only knowledge of the problems may prevent them from making mistakes. Therefore, no matter how sexual education is organized, it affects human behavior. Adolescents should have regular classes devoted to sex behavior in order to be properly brought up. Moreover, family impact has a great affect. When parents and teachers at school have the same vision of sexual behavior and try to give their knowledge to students, double effect is observed. There are a lot of different pathways to sex, and sexual education should be the starting point for any sexual behavior. Students are to know how they should behave in different situations in order to protect themselves.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Importance of Sexual Education in School specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Kirby, Douglas. â€Å"Emerging answ ers: Research findings on programs to reduce teen pregnancy.† National campaign to prevent teen pregnancy, May (2001): 1-242. Print. Kirby, Douglas. â€Å"The impact of schools and school programs upon adolescent sexual behavior. Special Issue: Promoting Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior.† Journal of Sex Research 39.1 (2002): 27-33. Print. Kirby, Douglas. â€Å"The impact of sex education on the sexual behavior of young people.† Population Division 12 (2012): 1-25. Print. This research paper on Importance of Sexual Education in School was written and submitted by user Paisley E. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Florida Department of Management Services Essays

Florida Department of Management Services Essays Florida Department of Management Services Essay Florida Department of Management Services Essay Introduction In the early 1990s. the Florida Department of Management Services ( DMS ) had built up a big information systems web that served province authorities bureaus in 10 regional sites and connected these to the informations centre in Tallahassee. The web was based on the usage of the proprietary Systems Network Architecture ( SNA ) from IBM and a mainframe at the informations centre that housed most of the applications. Body 1. Analyze the security mechanisms needed to protect the DMS systems from both province employees and users accessing over the Internet. Two security mechanisms needed to protect the DMS systems are Virtual Private Networks and IP Security. Harmonizing to Stalling ( 2009 ) Virtual Private Networks ( VPN ) makes usage of encoding and particular protocols to supply security for those utilizing the Internet or some other public web to complect sites. These public webs provide an entree way for telecommuters and other nomadic employees to log on to corporate systems from distant sites. The province employees would hold to utilize the VPN to entree the DMS by authenticating utilizing their work certificates. IP Security ( IPSec ) provides the capableness to procure communications across a LAN. across private and public WANs and across the Internet. Some illustrations of IPSec are: ( 1 ) Secure subdivision office connectivity over the Internet: A company can construct a unafraid practical private web over the Internet or over a public WAN. This type of concern rely to a great extent on the Internet and cut down its demand for private webs. salvaging costs and web direction operating expense. : ( 2 ) Secure distant entree over the Internet: An terminal user whose system is equipped with IP security protocols can do a local call to an Internet service supplier ( ISP ) and gain secure entree to a company web. This reduces the cost of toll charges for going employees and telecommuters ; ( 3 ) set uping extranet and intranet connectivity with spouses: IPSec can be used to procure communicating with other organisations. guaranting hallmark and confidentiality and supplying a cardinal exchange mechanism ; ( 4 ) heightening electronic commercialism security: even though some Web and electronic commercialism applications have constitutional security protocols. the usage of IPSec enhances that security. IPSec guarantees that all traffic designated by the web decision maker is both encrypted and attested. adding an extra bed of security to whatever is provided at the application bed. Similarly. whether other industries give rise to domains in which competition takes topographic point in unfastened. intellectual-property-free infinites depends on assorted factors including the being in a infinite of companies with proprietary solutions and the presence of engineerings so complex they are vulnerable to inadvertent patent violation. ( Alexy. O. . A ; Reitzig. M. ( 2012 ) . 2. Review the passage procedure performed by the DMS in the instance survey. Then. urge two ( 2 ) options to the IP substructure or applications non already mentioned in the instance survey. What is at that place to review? All DMS did was put in some routers and configured them. Can person delight aid with this? Maturing Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) systems are able to incorporate concern systems with edifice direction systems for improved direction controls ( such as amalgamate dashboard-type coverage ) . Driven by concern demands for resource efficiencies and direction by measurement’ . this concern intelligence version has been indispensable for the concern leading to maneuver. precedences and warrant new investing. Allocating costs for use. amortising capital towards specific concern causes and using fiscal genius to acquire best revenue enhancement advantage – these all mean that the new coevals of ERP tools needs to be facilities-aware’ . They should come with tools to digest consumption’ informations ; so. whichever section had most usage of picture conferencing. or toner ink. or WAN bandwidth. or entree to out-of-hours air conditioning – it’s all in the mix now. So many systems – integrated BMS ( iBMS ) . installations reserve systems. care direction systems. cashless peddling and EPOS. CCTV and entree control – are able to force the mountains of informations they generate each twenty-four hours to other cardinal direction systems. Now IP webs are at the bosom of enabling such informations gaining control. bite and consolidation. ( Manivannan. 2012 ) 3. Review the virtues of the major services found on the DMS Website. Harmonizing to the web site. DMS is a shared service supplier that supports province bureaus and province employees through: Human Resource Support and Business Operationss: the Department of Management Services is responsible for pull offing the province forces system. including: Insurance Benefits. Florida Retirement System. Human Resource Management. DMS strives to supply the high-quality service our clients expect and deserve while diminishing the operating costs of province authorities so that more resources can be focused where they are needed most. Insurance Benefits-The Division of State Group Insurance ( DSGI ) offers and manages a comprehensive bundle of pre- and post-tax wellness and public assistance insurance benefits for active and retired province employees and their households. including: a assortment of wellness insurance options ; flexible disbursement and wellness nest eggs histories ; life insur ance ; alveolar consonant. vision and sort of insurance merchandises. Florida Retirement System=The Division of Retirement ( Division ) was established to administrate the Florida Retirement System ( FRS ) . which was created in December 1970 to consolidate bing state-administered retirement systems. Since its creative activity. the Divisions duties have expanded to include: administering ; monitoring ; supervising ; guaranting conformity. Human Resource Management- Florida’s province employees are our most valuable resource. They are the face of province authorities. The Division of Human Resource Management works with the bureau forces offices to develop human resource policies. patterns and schemes. As human resource professionals. it is our duty to guarantee that the State’s HR policies and patterns are designed to pull and back up the employees who serve the people of Florida. People First is the state’s self-service. secure. web-based forces information system and enterprise-wide suite of human resource ( HR ) services. The system streamlines and automates many of the state’s HR maps and is comprised of the undermentioned faculties: paysheet readying. attending and go forth. enlisting. benefits disposal. human resources direction. organisational direction. 4. Recommend an extra service to add to the DMS Website. With engineering today. there is a increased of the usage of portable IP-enabled devices and group content distribution applications on Wireless Mesh Networks ( WMNs ) . This rush is facilitated by its comparative low cost of installing and as such is an attractive option in environments missing bing communicating substructure and/or in times of natural exigencies. DMS would greatly benefits from this because. their employees will be able to entree the web site for information quicker when they are off from their desk. The WMNs is every bit capable of supplying high bandwidth entree to the web. The capableness of the WMNs can be enhanced by reenforcing the system with multicasting and mobility characteristics. However. there are challenges of seamless integrating when such bing multicasting and mobility characteristics of MANET and fixed webs are migrated to the WMNs sphere. Thus. a broad scope of attempts have been directed at happening solutions to these challenges in order to increase the widespread deployment of the WMNs based communicating substructure. By bring forthing a one volume comprehensive history of integrating multicasting with mobility support deployable via Wireless Mesh Networks. this work at taking at research waies in the country of incorporate nomadic multicasting on Wireless Mesh Networks. ( Sanni. Hashim. Anwar A ; etc. 2011 ) . Summary or Conclusion Florida DMS will profit from the usage of WMN added to their IP substructures. Every twenty-four hours engineering is progressing with new thoughts in covering with communications between people. DMS will go on to win in the hereafter. Mentions Stalls. W. ( 2009 ) . CIS 505: Business Datas Communicationss: Custom edition ( 6th ed. ) . Upper Saddle River. New jersey: Prentice Hall. Florida DMS hypertext transfer protocol: //www. diabetes mellitus. myflorida. com Manivannan. M. M. ( 2012 ) . Constructing around IP. Engineering A ; Technology ( 17509637 ) . 7 ( 2 ) . 78-81. doi:10. 1049/et. 2012. 0211 Alexy. O. . A ; Reitzig. M. ( 2012 ) . Pull offing the concern hazards of unfastened invention. Mckinsey Quarterly. ( 1 ) . 17-21. Sanni. M. L. . Hashim. A. A. . Anwar. F. F. . Naji. A. W. . A ; Ahmed. G. M. ( 2011 ) . Mobile Multicast in Wireless Mesh Networks. Australian Journal Of Basic A ; Applied Sciences. 5 ( 9 ) . 957-966.

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Credit Crunch Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Credit Crunch - Assignment Example The focus throughout this paper would be on assessing the response of Russia and India to combat the fallout of the global financial crisis as well as examining where they differed and why they differed. The emphasis of this paper is on seeking the underlying theory behind the responses from a macroeconomic perspective. It has been said that the rules of the game have changed after the onset of the global financial crisis and many have even said that it is the end of the world as we know it. This paper tries to understand the responses of Russia and India to the crisis from the unique perspective of the policy makers as presented in the sources that have been consulted for this paper. Russia’s Response to the GFC When examining Russia’s response to the global financial crisis, it would be pertinent to note that above all, the Russian economy is heavily dependent on exports of oil and this forms a significant percentage of the GDP for Russia. Since the Russian economy al so has a dual financial system, which consisted of one part serving the households and the other part serving the corporates and foreign markets, the Russian response were a twofold and two pronged calibrated one. This two pronged approach is explained further in the succeeding paragraphs. It needs to be mentioned that Russia was relatively â€Å"prepared† for the global financial crisis and hence it’s response to the crisis must be seen in this context (Sestanovich, 2008). On one hand, Russia opted for step-wise devaluation of its currency so as to bolster the real effective exchange rate. As mentioned above, since the Russian economy was heavily dependent on exports of oil, the exchange rate at which oil was exported had to be â€Å"adjusted† to take into account the fall in exports. Hence, the Rouble was devalued in a phased manner to make the necessary revaluation of the exchange rate so that the real rate at which oil was exported would be competitive to Ru ssian exporters of oil. The merits of a gradual depreciation of the Rouble as opposed to a one-off devaluation can be argued from the theoretical perspective of a steep fall in the value of a Rouble to a calibrated fall thus giving economic agents ample time to adjust their assets (Sutela, 2010). The second part of Russia’s response was to release the contingency fund or the reserve fund to support the financial system that was reeling under the impact of outflow of funds and which was dependent on foreign markets for business. The point to note here is that the debt held by these banks was mainly short term in nature; the reserve fund was never intended for longer term stabilization and was mainly geared towards softening the fall in fiscal revenue for the banks and the financial system. Further, the central bank could do little by way of monetary policy and it fell to the fiscal policy to support the financial system (Sutela, 2010). India’s Response to the GFC The In dian response to the Global Financial crisis was to provide stimulus and support to the economy by enacting three stimulus packages, one in December 2008 and two more in Jan and Feb of 2009. â€Å"The stimulus packages were also designed to rebuild confidence in the economy by: easing the

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Dyslexia in American Public Schools Research Paper

Dyslexia in American Public Schools - Research Paper Example 1). Furthermore since in our educational system successful learning requires reading ability, being dyslexic would consequently be of great disadvantage, that the need for early diagnosis and intervention of dyslexia is argued to save dyslexic children from experiencing failure (Bentham, 2002, p. 72; Wadlington & Wadlington, 2005, p. 16; GB Parliament, 2006, p. 395), which studies (Turkington & Harris, 2006, p. 126; Carson-Knight, 2007, p. 37) show may cause them undue social and emotional problems. Understanding Dyslexia History Most probably, dyslexia had been present since early human civilizations, but was unnoticed because the system of writing then is pictographic (proto-writing) unlike today, which is alphabet-based (letters), with the Latin alphabet the dominant writing system worldwide (Fischer, 2001, p. 7). Then, as societies have become literate, the abilities to read, write and count have become essential. Hence it was only then that dyslexia has begun to raise serious co ncerns and studies. (Riddick, 1996, p. 8) How dyslexia has gained much attention in the educational field, specifically in the US, will be presented here in three stages: 1) The Origin, 2) The Move to the US, and 3) The Current Theories of Dyslexia. The Origin (17th - 18th centuries). The origin of dyslexia can be understood following the historical accounts on the learning disabilities field (Hallahan & Mock, 2003, pp. 16-29; Wong, Graham, Hoskyn & Berman, 2008, pp. 1-3), which can be traced back to the 17th century in Europe from the works of European doctors and researchers on the relationship of brain injury and speech disorders – Franz Joseph Gall (1809) and John Baptiste Bouillaud’s (1820) localization of brain functions, Pierre Paul Broca’s (1861) nonfluent aphasia, and Carl Wernicke’s (1874) â€Å"sensory aphasia† (Hallahan & Mock, 2003, p. 17). Findings of these studies have shown indisputably that the brain is divided into specific areas with each area tasked with specific kinds of mental/cognitive functions. Hence, it had been believed that brain damage to specific brain area would mean impairment on the given function of that area (Wong, et al., 2008, p. 2). Consequently, this had inspired studies on reading disorders leading to the discovery of reading disability and was named differently – ‘word-blindness’ by the German physician, Adolph Kussmaul (1877), â€Å"dyslexia† by the German ophthalmologist, Rudolf Berlin (1884) (Hallahan & Mock, 2003, p. 18), â€Å"alexia† by Charcot (1887), â€Å"alexia or dyslexia† by Bateman (1890) (Guardiola, 2001, p. 6), ‘pure word blindness’ by the Swiss-born neurologist Joseph Dejerine (1892) (Heim & Benasich, 2006, p. 271), ‘word-blindness and visual memory’ by James Hinshelwood (1895) (Ott, 1997, p. 6). From this, succeeding research studies on more specific areas of reading disability ensued –William Pr ingle Morgan’s (1896) first case study on congenital word-blindness and Sir Cyril Hinshelwood’s (1896-1917) first systematic clinical studies of reading disorders essentially validating Broca & Wernicke’s areas (Wong, et al., 2008, p. 2). Thus the first theories of dyslexia had taken their form, which observably had focused on the causes of dyslexia being attributed either to defects on the structure of the brain or to deficits on the functions of the brain (Guardiola, 2001, p. 9). The Move to America (19th-20th century). The research

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Arabic Knowledge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Arabic Knowledge - Essay Example The knowledge of the Greeks, which was passed down to the Romans, would have been doomed to oblivion. However, due to the Arabs’ study of Greek knowledge and their distance from the effects of Rome’s downfall, many of the Greek studies in the humanities, sciences and mathematics were saved. In the study of humanities, the Arabs were able keep texts of philosophy in reference to renowned Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle. Arab scholars such as Ibn-Sina or Avicenna and Ibn Rushd or Averroes were able to preserve the philosophical teachings of Aristotle and Plato with their own understanding and interpretation of their philosophical concepts. This led to the development on Neoplatonism and Aristotelianism, which later on was adopted by Christian monk-philosophers like Augustine of Hippo and Thomas of Aquinas. Western philosophy was possible due to the Arab preservation of Greek classical philosophy as the Roman Empire dissolved by the barbarian invasions and

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Plagiarism In Education System Education Essay

Plagiarism In Education System Education Essay Introduction: Plagiarism has stained our education system for long. The reason behind highlighting this problem is that people, especially in our society are unaware of the consequences of this practice, and it is deemed normal without any sense of guilt or dishonesty. And further the expansion of the internet has made it easier for people to fetch and present someone elses work as their own. So this problem has to be identified so that this unethical practice can be eradicated. The first step in the eradication should be to bring reforms in the educational sector, because students carry on these habits into their practical lives causing social dilemma. This report discusses the reasons for plagiarism and its proposed, and some tried and tested solutions. What is Plagiarism? : Plagiarism is the copying of ideas, wording, or anything else from another source without appropriate reference or acknowledgement so that it appears to be ones own work. (grips,2011) Some others define Plagiarism asà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦the reproduction or paraphrasing, without acknowledgement, from public or private (i.e. unpublished) material (including material downloaded from the Internet), attributable to, or which is the intellectual property of another, including the work of students. (University of Southampton). à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦the copying or paraphrasing of other peoples work or ideas into your own work without full acknowledgement (University of Oxford). From above definitions we deduce following important points about plagiarism that it is: using someone elses work, or ideas. and doing so without proper acknowledgement. mere rephrasing of someone elses work does not alleviate one from the crime. Plagiarism is unethical and dishonest. It is unfair to ones fellows who actually worked hard and did the given work/assignment themselves. It like stealing from someone. It can damage ones own credibility along with the credibility of the one whose work the person has plagiarized. Further it Prevents Learning. Hence awareness has to be brought among the students so they can avoid these dire consequences of this practice. Methodology: Plagiarism has existed throughout the history of mankind in one form or the other, but the rise of the technological era and especially internet has made access to information ( others work) exceptionally easier, which has increased the instances of plagiarism considerably. The practice of plagiarism causes damage to the both the doer and the victim. So this practice has been deemed unethical and awareness needs to be brought to every person related to education, so that this practice can be eliminated. This problem can be solved by going through following steps Recognizing plagiarism and its origin Reasons for why students plagiarize Educating and forming anti plagiarism policies. Each of these steps has been based on surveys/studies that were done by credible authorities during the past decade or so. I have gone through these surveys and articles published by my peers, and made my own understanding of this problem. This approach has been employed in the past to highlight such problems and I have thus adopted it to present the problem and its various solutions in this report. Recognition of Plagiarism: Recognizing plagiarism is one of the most important steps towards the eradication of this crime. Everyone needs to recognize the problem of student plagiarism in this internet era. The extent to which this problem has affected the academia is very deep. The reason behind the difficulty in the recognition of the problem is that it is not easy to define plagiarism as there is a very fine line between what can be borrowed and what cant be. So everyone in the environment i.e., peers, instructors have to help students fetch information and guide them the right way to gain the information they seek. Next we have to look into: The reasons why students plagiarize. The General attitude towards plagiarism. The role of academic institution. Means used by students to plagiarize. Ways by which academic institutions detect plagiarism? Available Potential Solutions One important thing is the extent to which this problem has affected our system and how deep it has spread into the education system Reason behind Plagiarism: To get an insight into various reasons why student plagiarize various studies have been done.. In 2002 a survey was conducted of some 35000 U.S college students 36 % admitted to have done copy n paste plagiarism some time in their academic life. (McCabe, 2003). While in a 2006 Canadian survey, more than half of the undergraduates and 35 percent of the graduate students surveyed admitted to some form of cheating on written course work, such as failing to footnote, turning in someone elses work, or falsifying a bibliography (Birchard,2006). The same situation is here in our country where plagiarism, especially in university students has grown considerably and without any check. Here copying of each others assignments is considered normal and no one penalizes them for this practice. Hence students are being encouraged. The problem with such surveys is that the fear of penalties resulting from the conviction of plagiarism causes many students to be dishonest. So the statistics coming out of such surveys have to be regarded as the minima. Academic institutes attitude: In my opinion it is an ethical issue and hence universities cant do much in this regard, besides making strict policies because just by creating mere policies and penalties this cant be controlled effectively as students will find a way around detection. This is an issue that has to be solved by teaching and talking to students about plagiarism in a friendly way. But our teachers do not give heed to plagiarism and once detected do not do the official procedure for the punishment, A few reasons behind such attitude are: The time required is not worth it. The time required in follow up procedures can effect concentration from teaching and learning, the procedures are very stressful, Its not always the students fault because of the culture from they came can be different and they may not know the seriousness of the issue. Internet- the ultimate seduction: A part from the culture students come from, the major reason behind the rise of plagiarism is the rise of the internet. The ease with which information is available has tempted everyone to do less work Researching and spend more time Searching. This is done extensively by students and without proper citation and hence they gain more by doing minimum work. The arrival of bit torrent sites has made it possible for students to get their hands on material with a few clicks, that couldnt have been borrowed without written permission of author before. These comforts have made plagiarism attractive to most of the students. One serious issue is that now there are paper mill or commonly known as cheat sites. Which not only provide students with the material which they can copy and paste but they also encourage them to do less work and hence be efficient they proudly announce that they are aiding students while in reality they are doing a serious offence and ruining the learning phase of many students. These sites enable students to buy material that is exactly what they need without even making the effort to search it online. Once reasons behind plagiarism are known and we know the means by which students can plagiarize we can take better measures to counter plagiarism. Plagiarism Detection: Plagiarism detection used now a day is still very simple because it is based on text matching and they rely on existing databases. Such plagiarism detection has two weak points: . A minor paraphrasing or rephrasing of the copied work will make the plagiarized work undetectable, such sites are effective against students who have make no attempt to amend the text. Also such sites rely on existing databases so material copied from stuff that is not in their database will go undetected. Such as material copied from books, magazines and fellow students, which are not available online. Despite these shortcomings recent studies have shown that these plagiarism detection tools have been somewhat effective in indicating the instances of plagiarism. Some of these are: is the most widely used plagiarism tool, according to its official website it enables instructors to manage grades and assignments online and instantly identify papers containing unoriginal material. Apart from it, other software such as MyDropbox Suite, Easy Verification Engine (EVE2, MOSS are also very efficient. These are machine based plagiarism detection tools which have their limitations, if we are to eradicate this practice we have to resort to the more conventional ways of human persuasion. We have to make sure that students know the ethical importance of this matter, the dire consequences this can have in their coming life. So that they can avoid this unnecessary ill practice. And resort to the way of learning the right way. Penalties Honor codes: One effective way to prevent plagiarism is through introducing strict penalties on plagiarism and using honor codes at the time of admission and professing them so that students avoid unnecessary disciplinary action against them. Results: The point of the methods described previously was to Identify and Prevent plagiarism. The success of these methods has been measured by many studies. First step was to recognize plagiarism, Tsang and Choys (2005) study was conducted after their seminars on plagiarism, where they educated students about it in those seminars. Before and after seminar they asked students to fill in their questionnaires, which consisted of questions regarding programming and text plagiarism. The results show that before the seminar series only 8-9 percent of the students knew the correct meaning of plagiarism while after the series 90 percent of students knew the correct meaning of plagiarism. Results show the high success rate of such seminars that help students understand and Recognize plagiarism. Next step was to identify the reasons why students plagiarize the results of Tsang and Choy (2005) have been compiled in the following graph. graph.jpg This survey and studies done by (McCabe, 2003) (Birchard, 2006) highlight following major reasons behind plagiarism: Students plagiarize because they dont care about the difference between searching researching. Sometimes due to high expectations students tend to copy others work that is presented in better wording that their own. Lack of knowledge on how to cite references in their work. Pressure to get good grade. Poor time management and organizational skills. The plagiarism Culture i.e. everyone around them is doing the same then why should they restrain themselves. Then the means by which students plagiarize, according to a studies conducted by Roberts (2007) Stoerger (2006) major mean by which students plagiarize is through internet. And the trend of using paper mill sites is gaining popularity such sites include:,,, and Plagiarism detection tools have been very successful in recent times as indicated by following survey conducted by the, on number of teachers using turnitin each year: instructors_by_AY.png (University of IOWA, 2011) Lastly, the effectiveness of Plagiarism Detection Software and the actions taken, I have generated the following from figures presented in (, 2010). graph2.jpg The results are very much as expected in the previous sections of the report. The reasons why students plagiarize have been generalized and the instances of plagiarism have increased alarmingly. The results of these surveys clearly show that although plagiarism can be detected quite efficiently now days, cases of plagiarism are increasing every year. The penalizing is not happening proportionally. Hence plagiarism is being encouraged indirectly by not taking action against it. Discussion: The purpose of this report was to propose efficient ways to Identify and Prevent the plagiarism in our education sector, the results clearly show favor to the suggested methods i.e., alone relying on machine base solutions does not ensure the attainment of our goals as indicated in figure 3, although instructors caught many cases of plagiarism, no disciplinary actions were taken. Hence there is no point in detecting plagiarism if correct action is not to be taken. So a Mixture of software based methods and proper human guidance are both necessary to control plagiarism. The software based methods have their limitations, so they are not the enough to prevent the instances of plagiarism. As indicated in the results, the seminars and conferences are very effective in educating students on plagiarism and the most effective way to do so is to enable them to realize that it is an ethical and moral issue rather than a professional problem. In this way they can be mentally prepared to counter this problem. Most cases of plagiarism can be avoided, however, by citing sources. Simply acknowledging that certain material has been borrowed, and providing your audience with the information necessary to find that source, is usually enough to prevent plagiarism. It is obvious that instructors see plagiarism as a wrong practice and they think that students should be penalized for it. However it is also a fact that instructors ignore many aspects of plagiarism and do not teach students how to avoid it. So the attitude towards plagiarism is correct but the process of tackling instances of plagiarism is not. It should be focused on preventing plagiarism due to ignorance. Only then when instances of plagiarism are caught one can say that it was intentional and strict action is justified. The students should be taught the skill of avoiding plagiarism, and academic institutions should be patient with this as it will take time for students to learn wholly this skill. Carroll (2002) has discussed the complexities that arise in teaching students about plagiarism. In our institutes students are simply given a brief overview of plagiarism and then a website is given to them for details. Such practice is not teaching anyone, anything. Instead, it should be taught gradually, so that students are familiar with core aspects of plagiarism. Also it should be presented as an aspect of academia and not as a crime. Searching vs. Researching Today students try to avoid the brainstorming that is required when researching content. Because it involves reading information and then processing it in their minds to get the idea and use it for their research. Instead an attractive alternative is to search the content efficiently and then using it as it is without processing it and forming ones own understanding of the topic. Promotion of Ethical Behavior: Although Official Polices and awareness lectures do stress the seriousness of the issue among the students but they do not tell the students what it really entails and why they should not do plagiarism?. The punishments do not effectively prevent plagiarism; instead they just make them more cautious. So students themselves should be able to form an opinion that they should not plagiarize and that they themselves should learn skills to write without copying. Plagiarism, as an ethical issue requires students to change their mentality and actively seeking ways to avoid it. Possible New Directions: The plagiarism prevention methods discussed in this report i.e. moralistic, disciplinary and software based, all have their shortcomings. So new innovative approaches may be used to counter plagiarism: Use of Technology by Students: First of all students themselves should be able to detect plagiarism instead of their instructors, this will give them an idea of how much they have unintentionally copied, so that they can refine their work and do plagiarism check again and again until the software clears them out. This method saves the students the embarrassment of unintentional plagiarism. Another way is to develop software that can catch the rephrasing that is done by the students to prevent plagiarism. Control to instructor: Instead of depending on future technologies, we can use an approach which is practical, the procedures of officially dealing with plagiarism are very cumbersome so instead, the student shall be given a chance to convince the instructor that he has learnt the meaning of the thing, hence the goal has been achieved. This can be done by conducting an exam of some sort by assessor and see whether the student has really learned something or not. But this scheme only works within certain courses, for publications and research work there is zero tolerance for any kind of plagiarism. Conclusion: Well, by analyzing the definitions of plagiarism, the attitude of education sector toward it, the current ways of educating students about plagiarism and the consensus that offending students should be punished, explained in this report. We conclude that Plagiarism is a serious issue and needs to be addressed. But the problem cannot be solved by increasing the use of machine based plagiarism detection software only or using even more strict policies, but by educating all the involved parties and by using balanced combination of software and human based solutions.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Characterization in Harriet Beecher Stowes Uncle Toms Cabin Essays

Characterization in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin Either they deny the Negro's humanity and feel no cause to measure his actions against civilized norms; or they protect themselves from their guilt in the Negro's condition and from their attributing to them a superhuman capacity for love, kindliness and forgiveness.   Nor does this any way contradict their stereotyped conviction that all Negroes are given to the most animal behavior. - Ralph Ellison (Litwack   3) The above quote by Ralph Ellison, author of The Invisible Man, is a good starting point for an analysis on the characterization within Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin.   For many modern critics and readers alike, both black and white, harshly criticize the author for her stereotypical depiction of a black man as only being noble if he possesses a "superhuman capacity for love, kindliness and forgiveness," like her most noble and humane character in the work, Uncle Tom.   However, a deeper analysis of character will demonstrate that to Stowe's Christian framework, the sacrifices and nobility of Uncle Tom are not ones of defeat and subjugation, rather they are his only option from a moral point of view-and Tom is of the highest moral character possible, some would say a level that is unrealistic in the face of his real abuses.   This analysis will show how Stowe uses such characterizations to depict the horrendous nature of slavery in an attempt to change public opinion regarding the once sacredly held American institution.   A conclusion will discuss how my own thinking has been affected by the work. The character of Ophelia is used to contrast the North and the South.   Ophelia is an abolitionist who finds the atrocities of slavery ho... ...braham Lincoln would have been more than won over by this type of characterization, one so adept at pointing out the weaknesses of the white mentality and injustices while extolling the highest virtues as ones possessed more typically by blacks.   The same thing could be done with the Jews who were held in Bondage by the Egyptians, even though today the sufferings Moses and his people endured would more than likely make most readers who do not consider the period and ideology of the society in which a work is created scoff at the humility with which they tolerated their bondage. Works Cited Litwack, L.   Been In The Storm So Long:   The Aftermath of Slavery.   Alfred A. Knopf, New York:   1979. Stowe, H.B.   Uncle Tom's Cabin.   Houghton Mifflin Co., NY:   1948. Sundquist, E.J. (ed.)   New Essays on Uncle Tom's Cabin.  Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge:   1986.

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Compare and contrast the characters of Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor

John Proctor is a person, a citizen, a spouse, and very well- respected member of the community. All of this is represented by his name. The name of John Proctor could be considered his most prized possession that he would never let anything happen to it. It is his most priceless asset. Proctor does not set out with any intentions of hurting someone he is very strong-willed and caring. Rebecca Nurse is the wife of Francis Nurse a judge. Rebecca is known of the most well-respected and good citizen and kindly of Salem. She is admired because of her honesty and truthfulness. In comparison John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse is very much respected in their society. Both found themselves as a victim of the witch craft accusations, both Rebecca and John had similarity in honesty their response was what showed their differences. Rebecca nurse did not seem to be moved by the pressures of diverting from the truth; John Proctor faced a big challenge in telling the truth about his standing with witch-craft. The town’s people’s thought of John Proctor’s and Rebecca Nurse’s characters is of a similar standing. Both portray themselves as good, honest, and God-fearing people. John Proctor’s strength is being manly which adds to him being a strong and truthful character. John Proctor being manly can be contrasted to the strength of Rebecca Nurse not physically, but strength in Character as of goodness, caring and truth. The characteristic of Rebecca Nurse could be seen especially towards the end of the play where she was not even moved by pressures in telling the truth at the expense of her life instead, she tried to convince John proctor to tell the truth: â€Å"REBECCA: Why, it is a lie, it is a lie; how may I damn myself? Oh John God send his mercy on you†. Although Rebecca Nurse was above reproach in her everyday life, John Proctor wasn’t. He had an affair with younger age girl . This also shows the differences in the strength of goodness shown by both characters. At the end of the play, both Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor they refused to accept the witch-craft accusations made against them although John Proctor took some time before he actually settled for the truth.

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Programming a Class to Create a Custom VB.NET Control

Programming a Class to Create a Custom VB.NET Control Building complete custom components can be a very advanced project. But you can build a VB.NET class that has many of the advantages of a toolbox component with much less effort. Heres how! To get a flavor of what you need to do to create a complete custom component, try this experiment: - Open a new Windows Application project in VB.NET.- Add a CheckBox from the Toolbox to the form.- Click the Show All Files button at the top of Solution Explorer. This will display the files that Visual Studio creates for your project (so you dont have to). As a historical footnote, The VB6 compiler did a lot of the same things, but you never could access the code because it was buried in compiled p-code. You could develop custom controls in VB6 too, but it was a lot more difficult and required a special utility that Microsoft supplied just for that purpose. In the Form Designer.vb file, you will find that the code below has been added automatically in the right locations to support the CheckBox component. (If you have a different version of Visual Studio, your code might be slightly different.) This is the code that Visual Studio writes for you. Required by the Windows Form Designer Private components _ As System.ComponentModel.IContainerNOTE: The following procedure is requiredby the Windows Form DesignerIt can be modified using the Windows Form Designer.Do not modify it using the code editor.System.Diagnostics.DebuggerStepThrough() _Private Sub InitializeComponent() Me.CheckBox1 New System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox() Me.SuspendLayout() CheckBox1 Me.CheckBox1.AutoSize True Me.CheckBox1.Location New System.Drawing.Point(29, 28) Me.CheckBox1.Name CheckBox1. . . and so forth ... This is the code that you have to add to your program to create a custom control. Keep in mind that all the methods and properties of the actual CheckBox control are in a class supplied by the .NET Framework: System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox. This isnt part of your project because its installed in Windows for all .NET programs. But theres a lot of it. Another point to be aware of is that if youre using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), the .NET CheckBox class comes from a completely different library named System.Windows.Controls. This article only works for a Windows Forms application, but the principals of inheritance here work for any VB.NET project. Suppose your project needs a control that is very much like one of the standard controls. For example, a checkbox that changed color, or displayed a tiny happy face instead of displaying the little check graphic. Were going to build a class that does this and show you how to add it to your project. While this might be useful by itself, the real goal is to demonstrate VB.NETs inheritance. Lets Start Coding To get started, change the name of the CheckBox that you just added to oldCheckBox. (You might want to stop displaying Show All Files again to simplify Solution Explorer.) Now add a new class to your project. There are several ways to do this including right-clicking the project in Solution Explorer and selecting Add then Class or selecting Add Class under under the Project menu item. Change the file name of the new class to newCheckBox to keep things straight. Finally, open the code window for the class and add this code: Public Class newCheckBox Inherits CheckBox Private CenterSquareColor As Color Color.Red Protected Overrides Sub OnPaint( ByVal pEvent _ As PaintEventArgs) Dim CenterSquare _ As New Rectangle(3, 4, 10, 12) MyBase.OnPaint(pEvent) If Me.Checked Then pEvent.Graphics.FillRectangle( New SolidBrush( CenterSquareColor ), CenterSquare) End If End SubEnd Class (In this article and in others on the site, a lot of line continuations are used to keep lines short so they will fit into the space available on the web page.) The first thing to notice about your new class code is the Inherits keyword. That means that all the properties and methods of a VB.NET Framework CheckBox are automatically part of this one. To appreciate how much work this saves, you have to have tried programming something like a CheckBox component from scratch. There are two key things to notice in the code above: The first is the code uses Override to replace the standard .NET behavior that would take place for an OnPaint event. An OnPaint event is triggered whenever Windows notices that part of your display has to be reconstructed. An example would be when another window uncovers part of your display. Windows updates the display automatically, but then calls the OnPaint event in your code. (The OnPaint event is also called when the form is initially created.) So if we Override OnPaint, we can change the way things look on the screen. The second is the way Visual Basic creates the CheckBox. Whenever the parent is Checked (that is, Me.Checked is True) then the new code we provide in our NewCheckBox class will recolor the center of the CheckBox instead of drawing a checkmark. The rest is what is called GDI code. This code selects a rectangle the exact same size as the center of a Check Box and colors it in with GDI method calls. The magic numbers to position the red rectangle, Rectangle(3, 4, 10, 12), were determined experimentally. I just changed it until it looked right. There is one very important step that you want to make sure you dont leave out of Override procedures: MyBase.OnPaint(pEvent) Override means that your code will provide all of the code for the event. But this is seldom what you want. So VB provides a way to run the normal .NET code that would have been executed for an event. This is the statement that does that. It passes the very same parameter- pEvent- to the event code that would have been executed if it hadnt been overridden, MyBase.OnPaint. Using the New Control Because our new control is not in our toolbox, it has to be created in the form with code. The best place to do that is in the form Load event procedure. Open the code window for the form load event procedure and add this code: Private Sub frmCustCtrlEx_Load( ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles MyBase.Load Dim customCheckBox As New newCheckBox() With customCheckBox .Text Custom CheckBox .Left oldCheckBox.Left .Top oldCheckBox.Top oldCheckBox.Height .Size New Size( oldCheckBox.Size.Width 50, oldCheckBox.Size.Height) End With Controls.Add(customCheckBox)End Sub To place the new checkbox on the form, weve taken advantage of the fact that there is already one there and just used the size and position of that one (adjusted so the Text property will fit). Otherwise we would have to code the position manually. When MyCheckBox has been added to the form, we then add it to the Controls collection. But this code isnt very flexible. For example, the color Red is hardcoded and changing the color requires changing the program. You might also want a graphic instead of a check mark. Heres a new, improved CheckBox class. This code shows you how to take some of the next steps toward VB.NET object oriented programming. Public Class betterCheckBox Inherits CheckBox Private CenterSquareColor As Color Color.Blue Private CenterSquareImage As Bitmap Private CenterSquare As New Rectangle( 3, 4, 10, 12) Protected Overrides Sub OnPaint _ (ByVal pEvent As _ System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs) MyBase.OnPaint(pEvent) If Me.Checked Then If CenterSquareImage Is Nothing Then pEvent.Graphics.FillRectangle( New SolidBrush( CenterSquareColor), CenterSquare) Else pEvent.Graphics.DrawImage( CenterSquareImage, CenterSquare) End If End If End Sub Public Property FillColor() As Color Get FillColor CenterSquareColor End Get Set(ByVal Value As Color) CenterSquareColor Value End Set End Property Public Property FillImage() As Bitmap Get FillImage CenterSquareImage End Get Set(ByVal Value As Bitmap) CenterSquareImage Value End Set End PropertyEnd Class Why The BetterCheckBox Version Is Better One of the main improvements is the addition of two Properties. This is something the old class didnt do at all. The two new properties introduced are FillColor and FillImage To get a flavor of how this works in VB.NET, try this simple experiment. Add a class to a standard project and then enter the code: Public Property Whatever Get When you press Enter after typing Get, VB.NET Intellisense fills in the entire Property code block and all you have to do is code the specifics for your project. (The Get and Set blocks arent always required starting with VB.NET 2010, so you have to at least tell Intellisense this much to start it.) Public Property Whatever Get End Get Set(ByVal value) End SetEnd Property These blocks have been completed in the code above. The purpose of these blocks of code is to allow property values to be accessed from other parts of the system. With the addition of Methods, you would be well on the way to creating a complete component. To see a very simple example of a Method, add this code below the Property declarations in the betterCheckBox class: Public Sub Emphasize() Me.Font New System.Drawing.Font( _ Microsoft Sans Serif, 12.0!, _ System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold) Me.Size New System.Drawing.Size(200, 35) CenterSquare.Offset( CenterSquare.Left - 3, CenterSquare.Top 3)End Sub In addition to adjusting the Font displayed in a CheckBox, this method also adjusts the size of the box and the location of the checked rectangle to account for the new size. To use the new method, just code it the same way you would any method: MyBetterEmphasizedBox.Emphasize() And just like Properties, Visual Studio automatically adds the new method to Microsofts Intellisense! The main goal here is to simply demonstrate how a method is coded. You may be aware that a standard CheckBox control also allows the Font to be changed, so this method doesnt really add much function. The next article in this series, Programming a Custom VB.NET Control - Beyond the Basics!, shows a method that does, and also explains how to override a method in a custom control.

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Folklore The Fallen Angel Cake

Folklore The Fallen Angel Cake The Fallen angel cake is an urban legend, which was published in a Sydney newspaper during the year 1980. In the year 1982, the story was published in a Canadian newspaper. The legend described a woman who baked a cake, which was to be sold in her local church.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Folklore: â€Å"The Fallen Angel Cake† specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More During the baking process, the cake accidentally broke into two pieces. With limited time to bake the second cake, the woman moulded a roll of tissue paper, which she used to stick together the broken cake. Afterwards, she rushed to her local church to sell the cake. With the aim of selling and buying back the cake, the woman gave her daughter money, and instructed her to buy back the cake. Unfortunately, the cake was sold to another buyer in the absence of her daughter. The following day, at a club, the woman identified the buyer of her cake preparin g to serve it. Before the woman could notify the buyer about the blemish in the cake, the buyer acknowledged before a crowd that she had baked the beautiful cake. As a result, the woman withheld her notification. One of the themes portrayed in the legend is about making swift choices. Throughout the legend, the woman was forced by the situations to make swift decisions. For instance, the woman made a dramatic choice, when she realized that her cake had been broken in the oven, by joining the broken cake using tissue paper moulds. Similarly, when the woman hurried to the church and instructed her daughter to buy back the cake, she illustrated the theme of making swift choices. In addition, this theme was emphasised through the woman’s willingness to inform the host on the cake’s faults before it was served. Another theme embodied in the legend is the theme of pride. Out of her pride, the buyer lied before a crowd that she had prepared the beautiful cake. As a result, he r pride prevented the woman from informing her about the faults in the cake. As such, the legend tackled some of the key issues addressed in class such as themes embodied in the legends, and their roles in enforcing social norms. Through this legend, the students should be able to identify the main themes in the book, and in turn learn from them.Advertising Looking for essay on literature languages? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Like the other legends, the fallen angel cake legend is considered fictional. Though the original society of this legend can be traced, its creator cannot be identified. Likewise, the other legends illustrated in the book have no clear authors and creators. Similar to other legends illustrated in the book, the legend is interesting and easy to narrate. For instance, each of these legends is less than 600 words long. This implies that these urban legends are not only easy to read and compre hend, but also interesting to their readers. In the same way as other legends, the legend contains humour and sarcasms enhancing its readability among its readers. Equally, these legends were meant to educate their readers on various social issues and in turn reinforce social reforms. However, unlike most other legends contained in the book, the fallen angel cake legend’s plot based its foundation on a true story. The publishers of this legend have asserted that the legend was very popular among its creator’s society.

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King's Assignment # 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

King's Assignment # 4 - Essay Example A good citizen should feel a sense of security and satisfaction because of patrol. Non-criminal services should also be provided. Traffic control and serving as a means of finding solutions for community problems also contribute to the goals. The police patrol operation is considered to be proactive rather than reactive, the difference being that the police should be able to identify risks and formulate contingency plans rather than taking action after the risk has occurred. For this, awareness of what, how and by whom something happens in an assigned zone is required. The advanced technologies like wireless radio have made the patrol operations to be reactive. It is also important that the attention and response required out of the police in different situations are different. Some do not require immediate attention while in some cases the response times are critical. To address this issue, the DPR – Differential Police Response is used. This helped in cost reduction and performance improvement. The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment has found out that random patrols do not have any effect on the crime rates or the citizen satisfaction. As a result, the police have changed their tactics to classifying regions as ‘hot spots’ of crime. These areas can be identifies using analysis of recorded data from previous cases. This achieved the goal of making patrols proactive. The investigation part involves the detective work. The automated finger print identification system and DNA are major breakthroughs that help the police detectives in successfully identifying the culprit. The police detective may work in intelligence data gathering or as an undercover. Police behaviors may be analyzed from different perspectives. Psychological, sociological and organizational perspectives come under universalistic perspective. Particularistic perspective includes the human nature, the individual view about various formalities and so

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Arizona v. Gant (2009) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Arizona v. Gant (2009) - Essay Example The court ruled in favor of the defending and held that in the case of Arizona V. Gant the search conducted by police officials was wrong and it let to Gant’s deprivation of 4th Amendment Rights (, 2015). The rationale behind the court’s ruling was that once the police have secured the suspects at the scene, the police officers cannot indulge in a search without a warrant. Furthermore the rationale was that the crime for which Gant was arrested was less severe in nature and did not require a search at all. The dissenting opinions were provided by Alito, Roberts, Kennedy and Breyer who argued that in this case the court was overruling its own solution that they opted for in the case of New York V. Belton. They argued that in that case the court allowed all officers to conduct a search in a suspect’s vehicle that has been stopped for violating traffic rules and same was the issue in Arizona V.