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The Legal Killer Of Tobacco - 1988 Words

The legal Killer Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, killing more Americans than HIV, drug and alcohol abuse, suicides, murders and car accidents combined. There are numerous campaigns such as D.A.R.E. and â€Å"Swipe Left† to help persuade us out of using tobacco products. Sayings like â€Å"Not even once† have even become clichà ©. However, studies have shown that one cigarette is all it takes to get addicted. Despite popular belief, smokeless tobacco is addictive as well. Big tobacco companies are famous for telling lies. In 1996, the tobacco industry said it was riskier to drink two cups of milk a day than one cigarette. They also said cigarettes were just as addictive as salt, sugar and internet usage.†¦show more content†¦The cigarette is the deadliest artifact in the history of human civilization. Approximately 42 million adults in the U.S. smoke cigarettes. Of those 42 million, 16 million of them live with tobacco-related diseases. An estimated 450,000 deaths occur each year that are caused by cigarette smoking. Lung cancer is the leading form of cancer in the U.S. and 90% of those with lung cancer were smokers. People who smoke are up to six times more likely to suffer a heart attack than nonsmokers, and the risk increases with the number of cigarettes smoked. Smoking also causes most cases of chronic obstructive lung disease. Although tobacco usage is most commonly associated with lung cancer, there are numerous other diseases linked to it. Of former smokers in the U.S., over 1 million have cancer other than lung cancer from smoking. Smoking increases the risk of strokes, tuberculosis, diabetes, liver failure, kidney failure, arthritis, stomach cancer, pancreas cancer, liver cancer, and bladder cancer. More than 10 times as many U.S. citizens have died prematurely from cigarette smoking than have died in all the wars fought by the United States during its history combined. Smoking in the twentieth century k illed over 100 million people. Even if present rates of consumption drop steadily to zero by 2100, we will still encounter around 300 million tobacco deaths this century. The cigarette is a defective product, meaning not just dangerous but unreasonably dangerous, killing half its

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Marketing Plan Billabong - 7614 Words

Executive Summary In the world there are 194 countries and Billabong has sold their product over 100 countries, the major regions are the North America, Australasia and Europe. There are several smaller regions that are selling products of Billabong, such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and more (Billabong n.d.). Billabong has been recognised in Australian and most in European countries for more than 10 years in the boardsports industry, yet Billabong has a limited consumer in a limited area with the high competitors. In order to survive with the limited consumer spending observed in 2007, Billabong must adopt a strategy that is not necessarily focused on cutting costs and monitoring pricing. Also a brand â€Å"Billabong† should contain†¦show more content†¦This will add additional cost on suppliers and this may lead to loss in revenues as Billabong has many suppliers around the world include Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Fiji, India, Myanmar, Mexico, and Vietnam. Bec ause of the rising of petrol price, so this will affect the competitors as well, so if billabong can find a cheaper alternative for its products it will be able to gain more customers instead of losing them and this will give billabong competitive advantage of its competitors. 2.1.2 Media publics The use of various media channels may apply to the international countries which may present different of Billabong campaign. However, Billabong may need to consider the availability of the channels they are using in other countries (Czinkota Ronkainen 2004, p. 541). The channels may be available in the domestic market and be really successful but may not be visible in some countries, particularly, in the developing and undeveloped countries. The use of advanced media, such as internet, in present the new campaign program may not be implemented in the countries where the level of internet usage is low. The media channels factor is also associated with the level of technology adoption in different countries. Mobile phones and internet are innovative media which are increasingly used to promote products or services in many countries.Show MoreRelatedBillabong Marketing Plan Essay4343 Words   |  18 Pages[pic] Billabong International Ltd. Company Marketing plan By (James) Company History Billabong is a holding company for an Australian brand of surf wear and extreme sports apparel. The company was established by Gordon and Rena Merchant in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 1973 and expanded overseas into Japan, the USA and Europe through licensing agreements with third parties. Billabong sources its products from manufacturers before attaching their specificRead MoreThe Australian Textile, Clothing And Footwear Essay1546 Words   |  7 Pagesframework and in particular its pertinence to Billabong International, one of the industry’s largest companies. An overview of the TCF industry and Billabongs role within it, will need to be given, to explain the context in which the transport function operates. Secondly, it is important to identify the optimal transport modes and clarify reasoning behind those choices with comparison to industry best practice. Importantly, technological advantages in Billabongs transport partners and the benefits to i tsRead MoreBillabong Case Study3896 Words   |  16 PagesBillabong Case Study Managing Change HISTORY ↠ Australia’s largest surfwear manufacturer, annual sales = $680 million (2003/04) ↠ Core business = marketing, distribution and retail of clothing, accessories and eyewear ↠ Sells products under other brand names including: †¢ Element (Skate wear) †¢ Von Zipper (sunglasses) †¢ Honolua Surf Company ↠ Founded in 1973 – by Gordan and Rita Merchant ↠ Reputation = supplyingRead MoreConsumer Behaviour - Product Line Extension (Billabong)4286 Words   |  18 PagesProduct: Billabong International Product Class: Surf Brand Description: Created by two avid surfers, Billabong is a brand designed by surfers, for surfers. In 1973, Billabong offered little more than a small range of surf wear: mainly surfboards and board shorts. But today, Billabong is a brand that encompasses the Australian surf culture by offering products that cater not only for the surfer inside many of us, but for fashion and lifestyle needs. 1.2 CURRENT TARGET MARKET Billabong is a brandRead MoreEssay on Billabong Analysis2133 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Chapter 1: Company Profile – Billabong International Ltd 3 1.1 Overview of Billabong 3 1.2 Financial Analysis 3 Chapter 2: Identification and evaluation of Billabong’s global strategy 4 - 7 2.1 4 P’s 4 - 5 2.1.1 Product 4 2.1.2 Promotion 4 2.1.3 Price 5 2.1.4 Place 5 2.2 SWOT Analysis 6 2.3 Current Target Market 7 2.4 Reasons for Billabong’s international expansion 7 Chapter 3: Identification and evaluation of theRead MoreTerminal Channel Marketing By Billabong ( Barrie 2015 ) Essay2067 Words   |  9 PagesAllen Consulting Group 2010, p.5). The shipments are deconsolidated and packed into LTL or FTL for delivery direct to outlets; or multiple outlets along a route using trucks (APL Logistics 2016b). Additionally, the introduction of omni-channel marketing by Billabong (Barrie 2015) has necessitated frequent and small parcel delivery in a timely fashion. This function is handled by Star Track Express, who employ a combination of air freight and light truck as modal choices (Star Track Express 2012). AirRead MoreBillabong Swot Analysis 20122317 Words   |  10 PagesCOMPANY PROFILE Billabong International Ltd. REFERENCE CODE: 41BBAC6B-451C-40A8-BD4C-8862EB1A77EA PUBLICATION DATE: 6 Apr 2012 COPYRIGHT MARKETLINE. THIS CONTENT IS A LICENSED PRODUCT AND IS NOT TO BE PHOTOCOPIED OR DISTRIBUTED. Billabong International Ltd. TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Company Overview..............................................................................................3 Key Facts..................................................Read MoreBillabong Case Study10465 Words   |  42 PagesIntroduction Billabong International Limited (BBG) produces surf wear, sports apparel and accessories for the surf, skate and snowboard markets (Macquarie, 2012). The firm recorded an 18.4% decrease in net profit to A$119.1 million in 2011 (Billabong Shareholder Review 2010/2011). After intense acquisition efforts, which saw Billabong buying over 11 brands (Appendix A), the company was forced to undergo a major restructuring, closing 150 stores and cutting 400 jobs worldwideRead MoreBusiness1936 Words   |  8 Pagesto devise the optimal marketing strategy to cope with these conditions. This topic explores the features of the external environment that impact upon marketing decisions. Macro environment is the external and uncontrollable factors that influence a companys or products development. Billabong must know the value of each of the macro environment factors; such as, economic, demographics, and lifestyle, technology and natural forces. Before companies, or in our case Billabong, produce new productsRead MoreMarketing Case Study on Nixon6117 Words   |  25 Pagesskate and snowboard team all have input into the watch  designs which the company so loving crafts. The design team then take this and draw influence from the world of sport, music and art and create some very cool watches. PART 2: Marketing Environmental Analysis 1. Macro-environmental Analysis Technological In terms of watches, with improvements in technology the usage of clocks on numerous devices makes it loose its practicality. The main examples that people turn to today

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Sicily Essay Example For Students

Sicily Essay Sicily is considered the worlds first multicultural society. It is Europes most cosmopolitan region. Sicily is where east meets west. Sicilian cooking is unique in Italy, blending extravagant Arab and northern techniques with simple peasant ingredients. Most meals were based mainly on the catch of the day and the pick of the garden. Todays cuisine is an amazing mosaic reflecting every foreign invasion that took place: Greek tyrants, Arabs, Norman knights, Byzantine bishops, Holy Roman emperors, Phoenicians. Sicily is Europe, Africa, and Asia on one island. It is believed that Gelato (Ice Cream) is probably invented in Sicily during roman times. A relay of runners would bring snow down from the top of Mt. Etna and flavor it with almonds and fruits. Then, they would sell this unique snack to wealthy patrons. This would also be the origin of Italian ice. Sicilian cuisine is characterized by its fanciful juxtaposition of sweet and sour flavors. It is also known for its abundant use of fragrant herbs, its succulent seafood, its rich dessert, and its luscious citrus fruit. Cuisine in each region is based on what the land has to offer, whether its the regions vineyards, olive groves, almond orchards, wheat fields or the coast made gold with lemon and orange groves. Citrus groves are characteristic of have street-side markets where a farmer will sit peeling the skin off a lemon, dip the pith in sugar, and eat the whole lemon while he serves patrons. In the region of Catania there is an annual celebration called the Feast on St. Agatha. St. Agatha was a martyr alive during St. Peters time. When laws were written against Christianity a magistrate tried to profit from her sanctity and bribes her into sex. When she said no he tortured her by cutting off her breasts and rolling her over hot coals. As she was being tortured an earthquake hit knocking over a statue the killed the magistrate and cleared the building. Just before dying she thanked god for ending her pain. The Feast of St. Agatha is celebrated on February 3rd, 4th, and 5th. It is three days of cult, devotion, folklore, and tradition that stand alone in the world. Catanians and tourists swarm the streets numbering about a million people. All private houses are open and well lit. Coffee houses are filled. The streets are crowded with stalls and booths where all sorts of sweets are sold. The procession is lead by Candelora which are similar to man(8-12) powered floats. The first represents fishmongers. The next is the heaviest, carried by 12 men, and represents bakers. The second heaviest represents vinters (winemakers). There is one for green grocers which bears a bust of St. Agatha. The butcher Candelora has a small bouquet of flowers. Next, a pasta candelora that is holding eighteenth century candles. Finally, grocers with a liberty style theme. Sicilian culture is different from Italian culture. When Sicilians leave for the mainland they say there going to Italy. They dont consider themselves Italians and at the same time Italians think that Sicilians are the scum of the earth. Regardless, Sicily will continue to be one of the most interesting and historical regions of the world.

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Children Need to Play Not Compete free essay sample

Sports for children in the United States have increased dramatically over the past three decades. Many believe that parents and coaches are becoming too involved in youth sports practices. In the essay â€Å"Children Need to Play, Not Compete† by Jessica Statsky, Statsky states her opinion that children should be focused on playing the game and having fun, instead of focused on winning the game. She also states and supports how parents and coaches are becoming too involved and not letting the children play. This is resulting in physical and mental harm to the child. Statsky’s essay is convincing and very well structured. She does an excellent job supporting her opinion throughout her essay. Statsky believes that children should be focused on having fun, instead of winning the game. In her essay, she states that â€Å"winning and losing may be an inevitable part of adult life, but should not be a part of childhood. † Instead of making the children focus on having fun and playing the game, adults tend to pay too much attention on the result of the game. She claims that too many adults are beginning to lose sight of what really matters and making winning the most important goal. Parents and coaches play a major role in contributing to this because they often apply adult standards to a children’s sport. This harms children physically and mentally. The adult standards applied force children to do physical actions that are bad for their growing bodies, sometimes resulting in lifelong injuries. Mentally, the stress adults put on children about winning seems to gradually get worse as time goes on. Statsky believes that children are mentally beginning to break down, and she gives examples of how some are even beginning to fake injuries because they actually fear becoming hurt. Statsky implies that childhood is a time for making memories, participating in things that make children happy, and enjoying their time. Instead of stressing about winning, practicing, losing, making the team, and getting hurt, children should purely be having fun playing the sports they love. Statsky states in one of her references from a former sports editor for the New York Times, relates that after all the years of watching children play sports, he found very few smiling. She believes it is because children are beginning to lose their love for the game, because the fun is being taken away and replaced with competition. Even though winning does make things more fun, Statsky maintains that shouldn’t be the main goal. Adults are turning what should be fun for children into what almost seems like a job when having fun, learning, and being with friends should be every adult’s goal for the children. Not only are children not having fun, they are not benefiting from youth sport practices anymore either. Statsky believes that parents and coaches are taking away from this by trying to put their own fantasies and needs in front of the child’s wellbeing because they emphasize competition and winning. Parents should always support their children, encourage them to do their best, and teach them as much as they can. Statsky emphasizes that parents should not focus on just winning because children are easily influenced and will try to live up to these expectations. If they fail they can easily become discouraged and depressed. Coaches, on the other hand, should make practices fun, treat injuries, make sure parents are not too hard on the child, and if the child makes a mistake teach them the correct way and encourage them to keep trying. A coach should never be negative to a child because that could easily discourage them. Coaches should also never single out a child for their lack of athletic ability. Every child should get the same opportunity and get to participate even if they are not all on the same level of play. Statsky believes that all children should develop the necessary strength and ability to play, instead of focusing on the good players and leaving the others behind. Too much competition too early in life can affect a child’s development. Not only is this bad for the child’s growing bodies now, it could also be harmful in the long run. Statsky uses the example of tackle football, which requires children to hit each other as hard as they can. Since their bodies are still growing this can hurt them, but it also is too traumatic. This is dangerous and also intimidates children, they even fear becoming hurt. This is a psychological issue that should not be a problem a child has to deal with. Many children are so stressed about winning because that is all they hear about from the adults, so they start having anxiety. They stress so much about something that should be their outlet that it begins effecting things besides just sports. Children who play sports typically do not do as well in school. When all the stress is added outside of school, children begin to lose focus on their school work. Statsky states from one of her references, â€Å"80 to 90 percent of children who play competitive sports at a young age drop out by sixteen. † Statsky presents a very reasonable and logical agreement. It is hard to disagree with her viewpoint after reading the article. All of her examples were relevant and accurate. Statsky ties together her opinion with facts and statistics. She also made several references throughout her essay to support her opinions making her essay very convincing.